This actually started as a Huell Howser show when I met Harold for the show we did on the Corona Road Race - there is footage from that episode in the movie. » 12/05/14 12:28pm 12/05/14 12:28pm

Nathan - You missed the OUTPOST sign... that you can still see bits & pieces of on a Runyon Cyn hike... We did a show with Huell ages ago... and good pics in the link. » 6/10/14 7:59pm 6/10/14 7:59pm

or call (855) 994-8355.


I've been reading about how the INDY 500 bottle of Milk tradition started and I've seen a handful of different accounts. Louis Meyer either in 1933 or 1936 is sited most often... and it is usually regular milk, but sometimes it is Buttermilk. Seems like Dario Resta had a bottle of milk after the 1916 Vanderbilt Cup… » 5/23/14 12:38pm 5/23/14 12:38pm

Tony - someone already asked you what vintage INDY car you would drive - so I'll ask what is the oldest & coolest car you have driven... oh and would you please check out Where They Raced? » 5/22/14 7:34pm 5/22/14 7:34pm

Wiki says this about Mickey Thompson's 1962 - "Despite being more than 70 bhp down on the other cars Dan Gurney qualified eighth and was in ninth place until a leaking oil seal seized the gearbox and ended his race on lap 94. He was placed 20th out of 33. The team won the Mechanical Achievement Award for original… » 5/22/14 11:59am 5/22/14 11:59am

INDY 500 and Los Angeles

The influence that Los Angeles has had on the INDY 500 is HUGE and vastly under appreciated. From the mid 20's up into the 1960's engines by Harry Miller and his chief engineer Offy dominated the field. Other names (errr LEGENDS) include people like Gilmore, Roger Ward, Troy Ruttman, Parnelli and Aggie to name just a… » 5/21/14 11:38am 5/21/14 11:38am

Come this August I hope there will be another teenager / racer / filmmaker making some history at Bonneville - check out CHASING 200 and follow Kaylin's quest to joing the 200MPH CLUB » 5/20/14 7:18pm 5/20/14 7:18pm

Jay Leno's Garage and Where They Raced

It was a true honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Jay. It was even better that he loved the film and best of all I go to spend a few hours walking around his museu... err garage. AMAZING! More info at » 3/07/14 2:46pm 3/07/14 2:46pm

NPR Radio Interview...

John Rabe host of OFF-RAMP on KPCC in Los Angeles has posted his interview with me as well as a few extra slides of archival automotive Los Angeles history. We recorded the interview near where turn 3 used to be of Legion Ascot. Don't forget the screening this Sunday at 1PM - Automobile Driving Museum. » 2/06/14 6:52pm 2/06/14 6:52pm

Where They Raced Screening

The award winning documentary film Where They Raced: Speed Demons in the City of Angels will be screening on Sunday Feb. 9th at 1:00pm at one of the coolest museums in Los Angeles - the Automobile Driving Museum. What sets this museum apart is that they actually take you out for a ride in one of their vinatge… » 1/26/14 12:11pm 1/26/14 12:11pm

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